a nursery



what a gorgeous nursery! …those walls!




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happy 4th of july!!

we started ours with the best pancakes from somewhat simple – soft, fluffy, simple, and so yummy! even husband liked them and he doesn’t normally like pancakes. happy tummies every where!

the best pancakes
via somewhat simple

(to make 8 pancakes)

1-1/3 cup all purpose flour
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup sugar (i used 1/3)
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk (i used unsweetened coconut)
2 tbsp oil


1. mix all dry ingredients in a bowl

2. mix all wet ingredients in a separate bowl (egg, milk, oil)

3. pour wet ingredients into the dry and be careful not to over mix

4. bake on griddle/stove top until brown on both sides




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floral , crop top, and a stripped shift dress -
perfect little finds for summer, don’t you think?


pineapple cake


omgosh.  i think this is just about the cutest pineapple cake ever!

happy summer!


accompany is a beautifully curated boutique filled with unique items meeting the standard of at least one of these three key areas : artisan made, fair trade, and/or philanthropic (read more about their mission here and here) so you bet i was extra excited when i found out i won the little white whale/$200 accompany gift card giveaway!!! (ahh!!)

it took me a while to decide what i wanted (there are just so many things!), but once i made my selection the goodies arrived extra fast..


i was surprised to receive my package early and i couldn’t help but peek inside even before i made it home (it was delivered to my office)! i was happy to find my goodies came with a card and a sample of argan oil too – sweet!


and of course the first thing i did when i got home was open the rest .. as part of the giveaway, i selected the lapis sadik cuff  (above) and the lilac swatches tunic dress (below).


and i’m loving both!

thank you, thank you, little white whale & accompany!

 the first room you come across in our house is the study. it sits immediately to the left of the front door when you walk in and it was the first room i found inspiration for.


 if you’re standing inside the study facing the french doors and pan right, you’ll see the window wall. the other two walls are basically empty wall space so i’ll skipped those pictures.

and this… this is the inspiration!

i was  instantly smitten when i saw this picture on houzz – i love the dark colors, how there are *two* desks, fancy chairs, a bench, a giant art canvas, and walls of books!

a sneak peek

image (2)

after a few activity packed weekends, we were grateful to have a little break! we spent the weekend working on the yard, unpacking boxes, catching up on t.v. shows, and shopping for home accessories. i have honestly never owned so many pieces of furniture or home decor items in my life – i cannot wait to see the house come together!


our big furniture pieces won’t arrive until the end of june, so i just might spend the next few weeks posting “before” pictures for fun-sies. :)


happy wednesday!

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