the study – plan


a long, long while back i talked about my inspiration for our study. then we moved in and the study pretty much became storage until our christmas guests finally forced us to clean up and do something! now that i can see the floor again, i’m eager to finish it up!

here’s the original plan:

1. a book shelf
2. office chairs
3. desks facing each other
4. matching table lamps
5. a navy rug
6. two small side tables
7. a day bed
8. a gallery wall of our travels
9. greenery – a fiddle fig, perhaps?
10. a large piece of art

what do you think?


warm hugs

this made me happy. my first knitting project at work – giving hugs and keeping the bestie warm all winter long (or at least all morning long)! i’m looking forward to a few more knitting/crochet projects before the weather gets warm! happy friday!



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here are a few things i hope to be more of in 2015:

be nice. as i grow older i find myself becoming more cynical,  more easily offended, more critical, etc. etc. man, what is wrong with me, right? my goal for the new year is to be nice and give people the benefit of the doubt. you know, like i would have in my early 20’s before i realized people can be total jerks.


be giving. i want to be more giving in 2015, whether it’s with my time, physical donations, or monetary donations.


be creative. in recent years there have been more adult obligations and less time for my favorite hobbies. in 2015, i hope to bake, cook, craft, doodle, read, and chat more!


be early. 2014 was the worst. everything happened at the very last minute. in 2015, i hope to be more organized (i have a planner now!) and arrive early!


be healthy. i want healthy living to be a part of our regular routine (that’s right, you too husband!), so i’ve decided to incorporate a few mini health goals for each month of the new year. maybe if we set our goals to 30 day intervals – the tasks will seem more achievable and less daunting?


what do you want to be more of in the new year?

2014 recap

i’m starting to sound like a broken record, but i seriously feel like i blinked and another year is almost over! we ended 2013 with a trip to san diego and rang in the new year in the middle of the las vegas strip. it was crazy and it was crowded – and that about sums up 2014! everything was a little bit last minute, a little bit rushed, and a little bit chaotic, but i wouldn’t have had it any other way! thanks for being pretty great, 2014! we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!


2014 was the year i saw the hoover dam and watched the sunrise over the grand canyon.

2013.11.23 (2)
2014 was the year husband and i moved into our first house together. we spent the year furnishing, decorating, and sharing it with friends and family. it’s still a work in progress, but we’re loving how everything is turning out! (i couldn’t find a finished house photo – i know i have one some where! – so here is the partially finished version instead)


2014 was the year we took an active tour through the southern part of ireland. it was beautiful, serene, and definitely a change of pace from our last few beach vacations (belize 2012 + puerto rico 2013)


2014 was the year i threw my dad a 75th birthday bash – my first full party in years! oh how i’ve missed hosting parties! i kind of can’t wait for future kiddos and birthday parties?


2014 was the year i went on my very first cruise! it was cold, rocky, rainy, and we ate like total champs. for several days straight. it was amazing. & i am most thankful for great friends who make being trapped in a small space tolerable & fun !



2014 was the year i learned to knit & crochet. husband claims i’ve grown an affinity to all things “grandma” and i should have a rocking chair to go with my growing yarn collection!

2014 was the year we hosted our first christmas. the in laws are staying with us for 2 weeks and the house has never felt so full! we were testing the waters with a few christmas traditions and we’re hoping a few good ones will stick around!



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this past weekend marked our first halloween at home. we dressed up, we bought candy, we waited, and – our door  bell rang exactly twice.

the first door bell brought about 15 or so kids. husband excitedly stuck out the candy basket for the kids to grab their favorite treats, which was multiple handfuls of everything. we stared, slightly baffled. obviously amateurs. then i whispered, “maybe we should start passing out the candy instead?”as a result, the poor kids in the back of the pack got far fewer goodies than the first few in line. sorry, kiddos. we thought we had to conserve the candy for the massive groups of kids sure to come after you!

but, the door bell didn’t ring again. well, aside from the very large man-boy that came by around 8 pm. he was a little frightening – if you can imagine a man showing up at your door alone, in the dark, while wearing street clothes, a mask and crazy hair. a little voice in the back of my head screamed, “murderer!” fear and confusion probably spread across my face. i’m bad at hiding these things. his voice was the only thing that gave any indication that he wasn’t a full grown adult – much to my relief. sorry to you too, kid. he got extra candy as compensation for my paranoia.

how was your halloween?
p.s. turns out there is halloween candy buy back!
p.p.s. next year our fur kid is getting a cute halloween outfit !