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moving into a new house inspires shopping and new diy projects. last weekend i spray painted a terra cotta pot gold/white for my new lemon thyme plant, which may have inspired me to want to spray paint… everything – it’s so simple! as fate would have it, pinterest showed me the desk above on the very same day…

i do have an old desk in my craft room that could use new coat of shiny black paint (and some gold hardware)! maybe a project for sometime in the near future? as soon as i convince husband this is a super idea and to help carry my desk downstairs and into the back yard… ^^

happy thursday!

the weekend is almost here!

blank canvas

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warm & cozy

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it’s been a cold week in tx, but i hear it’s going back up to the 70′s this weekend! very confusing, weather, very confusing.

mini-design projects



a couple of my latest “design” projects.

a friend and i made all natural lip balm over christmas. i asked him to teach me how to make lip balm, and in return, i helped design labels for him. it was a lot of fun and these lip balms seriously made the best stocking stuffers! (and probably great valentine gifts too!) we ended up with three flavors: sprearmint, chocolate, and cherry. when he has an online link, i’ll be sure to share!

then, the polar vortex happened. and being house bound, led to lunar new year cards. whoopie!

polka dots & counter tops


[super comfy shoes via old navy]

now that the house is close to being completed, the time between weekends (when we have enough daylight to see the house) feels longer and longer! good thing for friends and distractions..

 a couple of weekends back, i got to tag along with my friend judy while she made tile and granite selections for her new home reno-project (and bring out my new polka dot shoes).

i feel lucky i have friends who purchased homes around the same time we did, because it’s pretty fun to “do it together”. plus, when nothing has changed in our house, i can divert my attention to obsessing about theirs! (lol)

while husband and i opted for a new build, judy bought a new to her home — which is awesome, because that means i get to experience a bit of both worlds. you bet i’ll be hounding her to let me “help” with projects whenever i can! so fun!

or, so i think.. i heard they were peeling drawer liners for days while i was down with the flu. convenient timing, huh? hah

happy hump day!



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with the new house almost finished, we’ve had nothing but “house” on our minds! and with all our talk of granite, tile, and kitchen back splashes, husband discovered his new favorite : the “tuxedo kitchen”. and he is most proud (me too!) he knows this term. hehe.



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i don’t care what people say, i like new years resolutions (whether it lasts a day, a month, or all year long). so, here are a few for 2014:

1. breathe – & let things go
2. accept imperfection – it happens. & sometimes it’s awesome.
3. eat healthy – & try new recipes
4.  just do it – bye, procrastination. i mean it!
5. focus on those around you – let go. of. the. phone.

i think husband would appreciate quite a few of these little goals of mine (see 1, 2, & 5). we’ll see how it goes.. wish me luck!

happy 2014, friends!


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