gray + blue

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a little room inspiration from the design files.

i cannot wait to move into our new apartment (t-3 weeks)! not only will it be “our” first apartment, but it will also be the first apartment i can decorate! my current condo came almost fully furnished (and it belongs to my roommate) so i never bothered to change/add a thing.  other past apartments felt temporary, and as i was either a poor college student or a poor new grad at the time,  decorating was never a priority.  but this little apartment — this little apartment will be our first home! so even though we’re only planning on staying for 2013, i  hope to add a bit of decor here and there that will hopefully transition with us from our first apartment into our first house!

lately, i find myself drawn to gray (or maybe it was always, as evidence of pinterest).  i love the comfy gray couch, the vibrant accent pillows, and the simple, yet modern coffee table. oh, and that window! (though in reality, the existence of said amazing giant window/door way with forest backdrop would completely freak me out. i mean, peeping toms and intruders?! is it even safe? but in theory, what a great backdrop to the room! it’s almost like a giant painting ♥)

2 thoughts on “gray + blue

  1. elisse

    Moving into a new space is so much fun! Have a great time decorating it – Pinterest is perfect for ideas. I’m sure your place will be filled with wedding planning stuff 🙂

    1. jennifer Post author

      lol i’m sure it will! i already told my extra crafty bridesmaid she’s moving in for the month of january so we can knock out all of our diys!! which, hopefully won’t be tooooo crazy.. i can’t believe i’m only 89 days out from the wedding! yikes!


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