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i am currently –

on the hunt : for a chambray romper (maybe this one or this one) – perfect for summer, no?

reading: the goldfinch

watching: pitch perfect 2

wishing: for less rain!

snacking: on jackfruit – my new favorite. i can’t believe i’ve never tried jack fruit before!

drinking: green smoothies with vega one (i’m liking the coconut almond)

dreaming: of the beach!

happy hump day! it’s almost the long weekend! 🙂 can’t. wait.

condo – inspiration

my big brother finally bit the bullet and swapped the carpet in his condo for wood floors. he also decided to take the opportunity to redecorate a little – which, is very exciting for me because he is letting me help!

the before picture: IMG_1996

for my brother, the bachelor, i wanted the space to look masculine, comfortable, and modern. i also didn’t want the space to look too dark (he only has one window)!

so i came up with these goodies:

1. panel track blinds to replace the ugly sliding door blinds! i also discovered sliding plantation shutters!

2. the savanna lattice rug – which is a little more feminine, but i had a hard time finding the swiss cross rug & thought this rug would help lighten up the space. maybe my future sister in law will appreciate it! plus it’s kind of a great deal right now (from $1,092 to $273)

3. a gallery wall behind the couch

4. a gray tufted sectional  (on the right side of the room)

5. orange as an accent color

6. a modern t.v. stand (on the left side of the room)

7. comic or movie posters next to the t.v.

what do you think? 

warm hugs

this made me happy. my first knitting project at work – giving hugs and keeping the bestie warm all winter long (or at least all morning long)! i’m looking forward to a few more knitting/crochet projects before the weather gets warm! happy friday!



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here are a few things i hope to be more of in 2015:

be nice. as i grow older i find myself becoming more cynical,  more easily offended, more critical, etc. etc. man, what is wrong with me, right? my goal for the new year is to be nice and give people the benefit of the doubt. you know, like i would have in my early 20’s before i realized people can be total jerks.


be giving. i want to be more giving in 2015, whether it’s with my time, physical donations, or monetary donations.


be creative. in recent years there have been more adult obligations and less time for my favorite hobbies. in 2015, i hope to bake, cook, craft, doodle, read, and chat more!


be early. 2014 was the worst. everything happened at the very last minute. in 2015, i hope to be more organized (i have a planner now!) and arrive early!


be healthy. i want healthy living to be a part of our regular routine (that’s right, you too husband!), so i’ve decided to incorporate a few mini health goals for each month of the new year. maybe if we set our goals to 30 day intervals – the tasks will seem more achievable and less daunting?


what do you want to be more of in the new year?